NPP must work to realise aspirations of Ghanaians (February 22)

Rev. Prof. Emeritus John S. Pobee giving a lecture at a ceremony in Accra. Picture: BENEDICT OBUOBI The government has been advised to get to work to realise the aspirations of Ghanaians who are full of expectation.
Instead of harping on its Danquah-Busia heritage, the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) must work hard and leave a lasting legacy just as J.B Danquah had done.

The advice from Rev. Prof. Emeritus John S. Pobee, an Anglican Theologian, also included the need for politicians from all sides of the political divide to continue to work in the collective interest of the nation and its citizens.
He said there were politicians who used the Danquah-Busia name but could not point to things that the duo, particularly Dr Danquah had done to champion the cause of the country.
The former Executive Director of Theological Education of the World Council of Churches in Switzerland explained that just as the NPP touted the achievement of Danquah, the party must also leave a …

‘Geological Survey must issue site certificates’(February 24)

The Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Mr John-Peter Amewu, has asked the Geological Survey Authority (GSA) to conduct site or foundation investigations and issue certified reports before major construction works are undertaken.
“You should expand and maintain a modern National Seismic Network (NSN) to monitor earthquakes, tsunamis and mine blasts that have the potential to impact negatively on lives and property,” he said.

The NSN is a permanent digital network of modern seismological and geophysical sensors that serve as a multipurpose scientific facility for monitoring, researching, and education.

Mr Amewu made the call when he visited the GSA and the Forestry Commission as part of a familiarisation tour of institutions under his ministry.

The minister said the action was necessary because of the increase in infrastructural development which required site investigations and seismic monitoring.

“Your role in site investigations and finding dam axis will be needed when the gover…

18 Ghanaians rescued from xenophobic attacks in South Africa (October 27)

At least 18 Ghanaians living in South Africa have been rescued from xenophobic attacks and relocated, the Ghana High Commission in Pretoria has said. A source at the commission told the Daily Graphic that it had to relocate the affected people as the attacks on foreigners, especially Africans, spiked up. The source said the Ghana High Commission was in touch with the Ghanaian community and had provided hotlines to assist those who had become victims of a march against immigrants that had turned violent.
South African media report that at least 148 people have been arrested in connection with the latest attacks that have sent many foreigners fleeing their homes or losing their businesses.
Masked attackers
The organiser of the Ghanaian community in Pretoria, Mr Kofi Asare Agyei, confirmed to the Daily Graphic that the Ghana High Commission had, indeed, given out a hotline but stated that the leadership of the association tended to receive more calls for help than the Hi…

Atuguba pulls stitches out of proposed Special Prosecutor (October 6)

A legal expert, Dr Raymond Atuguba, has pulled stitches out of the government’s proposed Office of Independent/Special Prosecutor, describing it as an illegality that will not pass the test in the Supreme Court if Parliament goes ahead to pass the Bill into law. In a fiery delivery of his opposition to the Bill, the law lecturer said the office was null and void in the absence of a constitutional amendment.
“Under our current constitutional dispensation, no prosecutor in Ghana can be legally independent. Again, under our current constitutional dispensation, no prosecutor can be legally special.
“Any attempt to pass a law that establishes the Office of the Prosecutor that purports to be special or independent does not only do violent to Article 88 of the Constitution but will not pass constitutional master in the Supreme Court,” he said at a public forum on parliamentary oversight and good governance in Accra last Wednesday.

The forum was organised by the Centre…

When the tourism minister races with an elephant (October 9)

A glow of orange sunlight baths the sky, tangling with grey clouds. On a green canopy of trees, birds chirp as a tribe of monkeys stroll on a paved road.
A giant emerges from the wood with its ears flapping; shrubs bow to kiss the feet of this king of the forest.

A police dispatch rider stops abruptly.

At stone’s throw away on the road, there is a standstill. Armed park rangers stand nearby. Tourists watch in awe as the elephant takes its gentle stride.

Roll back. Before the standstill, the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Mrs Catherine A. Afeku, probably thrilled by a personal encounter with the symbol of her party, was out of her vehicle.

With other members of the entourage, she watched the tower of a beast graze and took out her phone to snap a few memories from the country’s largest wildlife refuge, the Mole National Park.

The elephant, attracted by the wave of phone flashes, takes a few steps forward but it is to be the beginning of a melee.
The Tourism…

Hyundai EON: When safety and fuel counts (October 5)

HYUNDAI Motors and Investments (GH) Limited launched the all new Hyundai Eon, a hatchback, with promising prospects in Ghana, given the increasing concern about fuel prices.
The Eon is a simple but practical fuel efficient automobile that is targeted at entry level professionals and those without deep-pockets, as well as taxi services, including Uber.
Although its makers kept the economy car simple, it did not compromise good performance, style and comfort as it marries a modest interior, high safety standard equipped with safety and useful technology.
Coming from the stables of Korean automakers, Hyundai, the little car’s derives its strength from a three-cylinder Epsilon Multipoint injection (MPi) 0.8-litre engine that is backed by a five-speed manual gearbox and pushes 56 horse power that  produces a revolution per minute (rpm) of 5500.
For the Director of Finance and Marketing of Hyundai Motors and Investments (GH) Limited, Mr Ganesh Phadale, the Eon’s strongest point was its fuel ec…

Redirect use of power of contempt-Law Lecturer

Ghana's Parliament needs to redirect its use of the power of contempt to seek accountability from institutions and public officeholders, a law lecturer, Mrs Clara Beeri Kasser-Tee, has said.

“I think that such power of contempt should be redirected to ensuring the achievement of the requirement of Article 103. That article allows Parliament to request information from the executive and public institution with respect to account, information or documents that they may need.

“I think that is where the power of contempt should be redirected. So that if Parliament makes a request and it is not complied with, the power of contempt should be exercised to ensure accountability rather than punish citizens for speaking or misspeaking” Mrs Kassa-Tee said.

Privileges committees

In recent times, personalities including musician Blak Rasta and the Chairman of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Pharmacovigilance, Professor Alex Dodoo, had to apologise befor…