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Spiritual healers, men of God take over billboards, Monday, September 17, 2012, pg 32

SPIRITUAL healers have virtually taken over space of billboards across the country.

This new trend is gradually overshadowing billboards of businesses, which used to be their preserve.

From domineering larger-than-life structures through to miniature signposts, the traditional priests and priestesses, mallams and other traditional healers are competing for space with churches and the business community.

Billboards advertising churches and shrines are on the increase along highways across the country, sometimes obstructing pedestrians and motorists alike.

Advertisers Association of Ghana (AAG) figures estimate the minimum cost of producing a billboard at GH¢3,000 while the most priced is GH¢80,000.

Proof that religion is a booming business in Ghana can be found in the increasing number of signposts and billboards advertising temples, churches and shrines promising career success, wealth, status in society, good marriages and problem-free visa acquisition, as well as booming business.