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Saving Ghana’s forest and reducing emissions: Is REDD+ the solution?

Every crack of dawn, while most people are coiled in warm or cold beds, Sitsofe, a charcoal burner, wakes at 4 a.m. to get ready for the nearest farm to cut down trees needed for her business.

It comes with risks, including scorpion bites, but she has learnt to overcome all those fears for the sake of her children. They must eat, they must live, no wild animal or insect will tame her resolve to provide for her family.

For a month, the line of trees growing by the river has been her target. Trees grow naturally, nobody owns them, she told herself.

Two weeks after she cleared all the trees by the riverside, the water body began to dry up and fingers were being pointed at her for being the cause—a charge she has denied vehemently.

Charcoal burning is causing harm to the environment in Ghana, yet as a source of income for many communities, it is hard to stop.

It is 3 a.m. in the Chipa Forest Reserve in the Dangme West District of the Greater Accra Region, a group of young men whisper as they t…

Ssayong Tivoli launched

The applause was spontaneous and took time to die out when Modern Auto Services, distributors of SsangYong vehicles, launched the latest from the Korean automaker’s stable—the Tivoli— in Accra.

With the Korean automakers putting their heavy duty 4X4 engineering experience acquired since 1954 to use, the end product is a razor-sharp styling inside and out, classic premium features and sporty feel to car available in the showrooms of Modern Auto Services (MAS).

The Tivoli’s clout is backed by two engines of choice—a eXGi 160 petrol engine that delivers 128ps/6,000rpm max power with 160Nm/4,600rpm max torque and the-XDi160 diesel engine which  produces 115ps @ 3,400-4,000rpm max power with an impressive max torque of  300Nm @1,500-2,500rpm.


Transmission also comes in AISIN six-speed auto transmission and 6 speed manual transmissions with six forward gears. It stands for a practical cut-price option to the likes of the Nissan Juke, Renault Captur and also  more polished th…

Rana Motors launches KIA Sorento

Rana Motors, retailers of KIA automobiles in Ghana, has launched the latest KIA Sorento–a stylish and sleek traditional SUV that has evolved into a more modern car-like crossover.

With three choices of engines to choose from, a new 2.0-liter turbocharged four cylinders, 3.3-liter V6 and an improved 2.4-liter normally aspirated inline-4 engines, the Sorento is crafted and packed with advanced technologies.

Given its reputation, the Korean makers might have had quite a task sending the old Sorento to the drawing board to bring a vehicle that has added value right from the engines to the boot.

The engineers came back with a mid-size crossover with seating for seven, all-wheel drive and five-seater that could soon be on the Ghanaian market.

At the launch of the car in Accra, the Executive Director of Rana Motors, Mr Kassem Odaymat, had some sweet words.

“The 2016 Sorento is much more refined than its predecessor; nicely finished interior, more cohesive styling, more fuel efficient and mu…

DVLA gets new boss

A former Managing Director of Metro Mass Transit (MMT), Mr Noble John Appiah, has been appointed the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Driver and Vehicle Lincensing Authority (DVLA).

Mr Appiah takes over from Mr Rudolph Beckley who has now been reassigned to the Ministry of Transport following changes announced by the Flagstaff House.

Mr Appiah takes over at a time the DVLA is struggling to clear a huge backlog of driver’s licences as a result of a breakdown in its printing machines and a controversy surrounding a contract sum involving FOTO-X, a private consultancy that was contracted to help automate operations of the DVLA.

He assumes this role with over 30 years experience in the road transport industry, after serving in varied roles in both state and private sector organisations.

While he was the MD of MMT, the largest bus operator in the country, he initiated and led the development and launch of the first five-year strategic plan to grow the company, increase profitability and ma…

Metro Mass starts e-ticketing

The Metro Mass Transit (MMT) last Tuesday rolled out its e-ticketing system to block revenue leakage and ticket racketeering.

The e-ticket system will be piloted on the company’s bus routes in Accra and Kumasi using its new 116 Huanghai buses but subsequently expected to be introduced to other routes across the country.
Project 200 

The company has procured 200 air-conditioned buses for the project it calls “Project 200” with a $40-million loan.

The project, the acting Head of Communications of MMT, Ms Bernice Akologo, told the Daily Graphic “will be managed separately from MMT accounts in order to repay the loan.”
The remaining 84 buses would be delivered to the company next year.

Instead of cash exchanging hands, patrons of the buses are expected to buy a Metro card for GHc 2.00 and then charge it with a minimum of GH¢ 5.00.

The Metro card is an electronic card that allows bearers to have access to the new MMT buses.
The company said the e-ticket system will be in two forms—the inst…

Introducing …the Jaguar XE

It happened on a hot sunny afternoon 18 years ago. After hours of running around playing football, bird excreta on the shiny surface of the car caught my attention. Young and oblivious as I was, I picked the nearest stone to scrap the bird poo.
However, my goodwill tickled the nerves of the car owner, Lawyer Brown, a man known in my childhood neigbourhood for his fine suits and cockiness than his victories in the courtroom.
Although I caught glimpses of Lawyer Brown sprinting like a cat towards me, my least expectation was that I would be hit in the back, grabbed by the shoulder and dragged home to my mother like a pickpocket headed for the cells.
Fuming with anger, he narrated in exaggerated details, how I have scrapped paints off his precious car—an ugly automobile that spat enough smoke to warrant many people taking cover when Lawyer Brown drove by.
I had an earful that afternoon from an incensed mother and in all sincerity hated Lawyer Brown, who has since passed on, until last Thursd…