Strengthen the youth base of NDC---Ras Mubarak (pg

HE former Deputy Public Relations Officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Europe Group, Mr Mohammed Abdulai Mubarak , has called for the strengthening of the youth base of the party in order to push its agenda as well as consolidate the gains made so far.
Mr Mubarak, also known as Ras Mubarak, who is a contestant in the National Youth Organiser race of the NDC, told the Daily Graphic in an interview that the party could not overlook the youth since they constitute the bedrock of the party.
"If the youth feel marginalised, alienated or ignored then the party would be in trouble”.
Mr Mubarak described himself as a thorough-bred party man whose agenda was to address the concerns of the youth in the NDC in a speedy, decisive and mature manner to ensure that the party did not only win successive elections but also prevented problems from degenerating into chaos.
He said the party could not continue to put the problems of the youth off perpetually as failure to address their concerns had resulted in situations where recalcitrant youth went around the country to illegally seize places of convenience.
Mr Mubarak said if elected as the National Youth Organiser, he would work tirelessly with the government and political appointees to institute series of youth consultative forums nation-wide where ideas and aspirations will be collated compiled into blueprint for the party’s youth development agenda.
He noted that in order to prevent party members, especially the youth from trooping to the offices of ministers and other political appointees for support, he would champion the establishment of an investment fund which would be used to promote youth development within the party.
He said he would also lead the engagement and recruitment of first-time voters and secure their interest in the party since that “means a long-term investment in the future of the party.”
“I will invest my time in building the future of the NDC by securing the interest of first time voters by imbibing in them the tenets of the party.”
He noted that the most important prerequisite for the retention of power in 2012 was to rebuild the party structures and make them functional and vibrant.
Mr Mubarak said in order to achieve this, the party needed to have somebody who could articulate the interest of the youth, adding that “I am best placed to fiercely resist any attempt to marginalise the party’s youth.”
On the economy, he said the government was putting in sound structures to generate the necessary growth that would facilitate the creation of opportunities for the people and ultimately empower Ghanaians economically.
On the perceived factions in the party, he stated expressing divergent opinions remained an essential ingredient of democracy, saying “what the party needs to do is build consensus”.
Mr Mubarak noted that in the unlikely event of losing the election, he would offer unflinching support to the victor and remain dedicated to the social democratic agenda of the party to promote the interest of the party and country.


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