Create Opportunities for People-Supoalor (Spread)

The Suapolor of the Se (Shai) Traditional Area in the Greater Region, Nene Drolor Bosso Adamtey I, has challenged traditional rulers to create opportunities for their people to improve on their livelihoods rather than using their positions to pursue their personal interests.
He said traditional rulers should aim at improving the livelihood of their people by mobilising them to achieve set goals, adding that persistent litigation over land and right to stools and skins were not only a blot on the chieftaincy institution but also tended to deny young people countless opportunities.
“The willingness or how far we can go to make life better for our people should be a measure of our success and not how well we are doing ourselves,” he said.
Drolor Adamtey told the Daily Graphic that the allocation of huge parcels of land to foreigners who paid little money would in the end deny generations yet to be born their heritage.
"Land selling should not be encouraged and even when we decide to lease, it should bring development to the people in the areas of education, health, roads and businesses that will better their lives.”
He attributed the current myriad of problems confronting the chieftaincy institution leading to a situation where traditional rulers were losing their prestige to the way and manner traditional rulers were demeaning and discrediting each other by resorting to the law courts to resolve their differences.
He said although every government gave its country global representation and legitimacy “we should not forget that traditional rulers in our communities remained the embodiment of the Ghanaian personality and custodians of the country’s culture, history and tradition, hence every effort should be made to strengthen this noble institution”.
Drolor Adamtey said it was heart-warming that new voices were emerging in the leadership of traditional institutions with vision and passion for the development of the people.
He said it was important for traditional leaders to engage in dialogue with their people in order to find solutions to their challenges instead of the leaders trying to impose their opinions on the people they lead.
Drolor Adamtey observed that people expected a lot from their traditional leaders, saying that “if on our shoulders, others will stand, if by our labours, others will find security and if by our struggles, others will find freedom, then it is worth the sacrifice”.
“I am quite aware of the challenges but I also see the opportunities and that is why I have the passion to create opportunities for the people to overcome their daily struggles for survival. I grieve to see the physically challenged struggling for their daily bread and see children who should be in school selling dog chains.”
Drolor Adamtey, who is also the chairman of the African Leadership Forum, which is made up of successful political, religious and business leaders in the Diaspora, called for a forum that would create the platform for successful Africans in the Diaspora to “tell their story”, so that their experiences could be tapped for the benefit of the continent.
He called on the government to lead the crusade to support and showcase the achievements of Ghanaians in the Diaspora by creating the awareness for them to enhance investment and contribute their quota to national development.
Drolor Adamtey explained that rather than depend entirely on the Breton Woods Institutions for loans which often led to “golden cuffs”, it would be better for African governments to create the platform for well-resourced Africans to mobilise funds to support the continent.
He said it was for this reason that he would appeal to the government to take a critical look at Ghana’s honorary consulates around the world as some of them were engaged in activities detrimental to the interest of the country.
On Se development, he observed that although a lot had gone into development projects, he had not seen the desired results.
He, however, said he remained committed to ensuring that the future of the numerous youth in the area was secured through the provision of quality education and health care that would prevent people from dying from curable diseases.
He said a scholarship scheme which was already in place would be expanded to cater for more brilliant needy students.
He said plans were underway to establish libraries throughout the Se Traditional Area.
“We also plan to inaugurate the Seman Development Council which will co-ordinate all our development projects to ensure that they meet the needs of our people.”
Drolor Adamtey indicated that the establishment of the African Technological Park was on course in addition to technological initiatives and said more than 100 computers had been distributed to relevant institutions.


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