Take Health Management Seriously (Satuday, February 20, 2010 Pg 11)

AN obesity and preventive medicine specialist, Dr Hayford Y. Tabiri, has advised Ghanaians to take issues concerning their health management seriously, as ill health affects productivity.

Dr Tabiri gave the advice at a cholesterol and obesity management programme organised for the staff of the Graphic Communications Group Limited (GCGL) to educate them to understand the effects of obesity and possible means of mitigating weight gain.

In a presentation on the theme, “Obesity and Healthy Lifestyle Modification for Improved Productivity”, he defined obesity as the “accumulation of fat (as a result of excessive energy intake) to the extent of causing adverse effect on one’s health”.

He noted with concern that obesity affected three million people in Ghana, with a higher prevalence in the southern part of the country, especially Accra, adding that Ghana was the leading obesity nation in West Africa.

“We should be concerned about obesity because of the health implications it poses,” he said, and advised people to “ensure that the food you consume is low in calories and meet nutritional requirements”.

He said a self-imposed weight losing mechanism was not the best answer to the problems concerning obesity but rather “regular consultation with your obesity specialist or referral by your medical doctor”.

Dr Tabiri discredited the notion that alcohol reduced weight, saying, “It rather increases weight.”

Speaking to the Daily Graphic, the Medical Officer of the GCGL, Dr Henry Aidoo, noted that staying healthy remained a priority for the company, since it was the only way of preventing diseases.

He said his outfit would organise educational programmes on different diseases and conditions every quarter to make the employees of the GCGL conscious of the need to stay healthy.

He said the company would continue to promote exercise as a means of promoting health among its employees.

Earlier, Dr Aidoo had urged the participants to take good care of themselves in order not to fall victim to the consequences of obesity.


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