'Lead crusade against corruption' Tuesday, March 25, 2010 (Spread)

The acting Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Ghana, Rev. Moses Seidu Sumaila, has urged Christian leaders to lead the crusade against corruption and indiscipline in order to promote the country’s development agenda.
“Corruption is a battle we have to collectively fight and win in order to bring progress to this country,” he stated.
Rev. Sumaila was speaking at the Ordination Service for the church’s pastors in the Greater Accra Region in Accra.
Before they were ordained, the pastors had to pass through two levels, the Exhorters and Licentiates, with each level characterised by the writing and passing of examinations.
In all, 16 pastors were ordained, 31 others blessed and promoted to the Licentiates level and 33 Exhorters blessed for the work of the vineyard.
Rev. Sumaila, who officiated the ceremony, noted that when the church began to deal with issues concerning corruption, it would lead to the transformation of society. He, therefore, urged the newly ordained pastors to be agents of change.
He charged the pastors to be father figures to their congregations and inspire hope in those who were in distress, while leading lives worthy of emulation.
Rev. Sumaila also advised the ministers to seek academic excellence, saying, “Let this transition thrust upon you a challenge and a sense of urgency to deepen your commitment to God and the church, as well as inspire you to pursue higher personal development. Therefore, seek higher education and commit yourselves to excellence, whiles maintaining a life of integrity.”
In a sermon entitled “Stepping into Greater Ministry,” the Greater Accra Regional Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Ghana, Rev. George Annan, stated that it was easier becoming a Christian but adhering to the principles espoused by Christ was a challenge for most Christians.
He, therefore, urged the newly ordained ministers neither to be intimidated by their backgrounds nor prevailing circumstances, but be confident and express the principles in their calling.
“The challenges of this world cannot be surmounted with fear and intimidation but with courage and determination,” he stated.
Rev. Annan bemoaned the present situation where all manner of dubious characters parading themselves as men of God were exploiting and leading people astray.
He said people listened to men of God because of their spiritual authority, adding it was rather unfortunate that these dubious characters were abusing the position.
Rev. Annan told the Daily Graphic that one of the challenges facing Christians today was living righteous lives because of economic hardships and moral decadence.
He appealed to the country’s politicians to put national interest above partisan politics and conduct themselves in ways that would not compromise national unity.
“Nepotism, cronyism and corruption does not prosper a nation, it is righteousness and as the Bible puts it, righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to it,” Rev. Annan stated.


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