Resource Centre for Ada Seniour High School (pg 11)

A Science Resource Centre aimed at promoting the teaching and learning of Physics and related subjects has been inaugurated at the Ada Senior High School in the Dangbe East District of the Greater Accra Region.
The centre, which is known as the UK Institute of Physic Ada Centre, is a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Education and the UK Institute of Physics, and has facilities such as Physics and Chemistry laboratories, an Information Communication Technology Laboratory, Biology and Electronics laboratories.
The centre is aimed at promoting the use of practical equipment in the teaching of Physics, electronics and ICT, enhancing the competence level of teachers in the teaching of Physics, Electronics and ICT as the participation of girls in the study of ICT.
The centre, which is the first of its kind in West Africa and the second in Africa after Rwanda, also has facilities for the fabrication and repair of science equipment and is expected to ultimately serve as a model for the future development of other centres across the country.
Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, the Minister of Education, Mr Alex Tetteh-Enyo, said the project represented the country’s desire to improve the teaching and learning of Physics in the country through the provision of the requisite resources.
According to the minister, among the challenges confronting the teaching of science in the country was the lack of teachers. He was, however, optimistic that the project would go a long way to address the situation.
He said the centre would be used as a resource centre for in-service training programmes for Physics teachers all over the country, and urged those charged with maintaining the centre to adopt a high maintenance culture to ensure that the centre was kept operative for a long time.
Mr Tetteh-Enyo commended the UK Institute of Physics for its commitment to promoting science education in the country.
The President of the UK Institute of Physics, Prof Joycelyn Bell Burnell, for her part said Physics underpinned every country’s economic growth hence the need to promote the subject and encourage more young people, especially young women, to take interest in it.
She pledged her outfit’s commitment to ensure that the teaching and learning of Physics and its related subjects were made easy and understandable to students.
The Dangbe East District Director of Education, Mr David C.O Sottie, said the facility would be put to good use, and urged students of Ada Senior High School to devote their time and energy to their studies in order to benefit from the technological advancement offered by the centre.


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