Unilever launches oral health campaign (Friday, May 7, 2010, Spread)

Unilever Ghana has launched its latest oral hygiene campaign aimed at encouraging day and night brushing of teeth in Ghana.
Known as the “The Close-Up Day and Night Brushing Campaign,” the initiative is to empower parents to turn what could often be described as tortuous moments of getting children to brush, into enjoyable yet educative experience.
The campaign revolves around two characters, Max and Oliver, a father and son, who share tips and tricks on making tooth brushing enjoyable, rather than the nightly torture for both parents and children.
It would feature a series of television, radio, outdoor and print educative advertisements which would run throughout the year.
The campaign, which is a collaboration between Unilever Ghana and the Ghana Dental Association (GDA), will take patrons through the journey of Max who uses humour to educate his son, Oliver, while brushing his teeth, especially at night.
Speaking at the launching ceremony, Mr Akofa Ata, the Head of Unilever Ghana Brand Building Team, said the campaign was part of Close-Up’s Social Mission Programme which was to promote consumer education as a social responsibility.
He said sensitising consumers to the benefit of brushing twice daily would go a long way towards promoting oral hygiene in the country and ultimately reduce the medical bills that came with poor oral hygiene.
Mr Ata said the focus of the project would be a lot more on primary schoolchildren. “Our aim is to engage the kids at an early age in order to build the habit as part of their daily routine.”
He said teams of oral experts would visit selected primary schools in the country to educate them on the importance of brushing their teeth, at least twice daily.
The President of the GDA, Dr Josephine Sackeyfio, for her part, called for regular teeth brushing as “ a lot of damage occurs to the teeth when we are asleep and when the mouth is closed for a long time, especially during the night.”
She commended the efforts of Unilever at promoting the eradication of tooth decay in the country.
The launching ceremony was not without some thrilling moments as the evergreen Daughters of Glorious Jesus and choreography groups from some selected schools spiced the occasion with breath-taking songs and dance moves that kept the audience glued to their seats.


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