Train Crash with metro mass vehicle (Spread)

AN alleged miscommunication between a railway traffic warden and an Nsawam-bound train leaving Kantamanto in Accra resulted in the train crashing with a Metro Mass Transit bus on the Graphic Road yesterday.
The incident, which took place about 5:40 p.m., resulted in injury to the driver of the bus and extensive damage to the bus and aggravated the traffic situation on the Graphic Road.
An eyewitness told the Daily Graphic that even though the train had signalled the traffic warden by horning, the warden did not react swiftly enough to close the road to vehicles.
He said the bus, which was full of passengers, screeched to a halt very close to the railway tracks where it was hit by the train.
The warden, however, denied not having acted on time. According to him, when he heard the signal from the train, the Metro bus was already too close to the tracks.
“I tried to wave him to stop because the bus was already under the barrier used in blocking the road during emergency situations but he did not stop, resulting in the crash,” the traffic warden said.
The crash, which drew a large crowd to the scene, also increased the human, as well as vehicular, traffic on the Graphic Road, as most passengers took to walking, since vehicles could not move.
A few minutes after a team of police officers had arrived on the scene to tow away the bus, another train, this time a Tema-bound one, made its way to the site of the crash, causing more agitation among the crowd.



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