Argument over excreta results driver’s death (Thursday July 22, 2010 pg 23 )

AN argument over who was responsible for the disposal of human excreta under a kiosk, used as a place of abode, turned tragic when a 25-year old driver allegedly stabbed his colleague to death at Pig Farm, a suburb in Accra.

      The suspect, Nelson Kpeli, and his colleague drivers lived in one kiosk while the deceased, Richard Hukporti, 26 and his family lived in adjacent kiosks.

      Giving an account of the tragedy, a source who spoke to the Daily Graphic on condition of anonymity said the  suspect returned from work and found a panty containing human excreta under his kiosk,  which emitted a foul odour inside the kiosk.

     Suspecting it to have come from the deceased’s daughter, he confronted the deceased’s wife and heaped insults on her.

The deceased’s wife denied the allegation and invited some neighbours to have a look at the pant and its content. The source said the neighbours confirmed that the panty and its content could not be that of a child since the panty and its content was that of an adult.

      When the deceased returned from work, his wife reported the matter to him and the issue generated into an argument between him and Nelson the next day.

      The matter was, however, settled amicably between the two.

     A week later, the suspect raised the matter again at the Pig Farm Trotro Station at around 12 noon and it generated an argument between the two. The source said the two were separated and sent home.

       Nelson confronted the deceased over the matter again when they got home and it developed into a fight between the two of them for more than three hours.

      The source said when they were separated, Nelson ran into his kiosk and returned with a knife, stabbed the deceased in the chest and then took to his heels.

       The deceased managed to pull the knife out of his chest and ran after Nelson with it but collapsed a few minutes later.

       The source said instead of sending the deceased to the hospital, Nelson and his colleagues gathered around the deceased saying the deceased would be all right because he was well versed in occult practices.

       The source said a neighbour who heard the deceased screaming for help, came to his aid, prompting some onlookers to rush for a vehicle to convey him to the 37 Military Hospital, but he was pronounced dead on arrival.

       The source said Nelson, sensing danger, went into hiding but was arrested by his colleagues later in the day and sent to the Kotobabi Police Station.

         When contacted, the Crime Officer of the Kotobabi Police Station, ASP John Coffie, confirmed the story and said the suspect, in a statement, stated that when he told the suspect about the issue, he warned him not to "talk rubbish to his wife again."

       He continued that  he (the suspect) in response also warned the deceased to advise his wife not to dispose human waste under the kiosk again.

      This, he said, infuriated the decease who held his shirt, slapped him and pushed him onto the ground, adding that  this resulted in a fight between the two.  In the ensuing confusion, the suspect said he dashed into the kiosk and brought out a knife to scare the deceased.

      The knife became a struggle between the two but the suspect managed to free himself from the grips of the deceased on the ground and stabbed him.

According to ASP Coffie, the suspect ran to Kpodlikope, near Sapeiman, but was brought to the police station by his relatives.

He said rather than hand him over to the police, the relatives advised him to report an assault case against the deceased. It was in the process of the reporting the matter that he was arrested.


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