Prison Ladies cruise on Dodi Princess (Wednesday, July 7, 2010, pg 42)

MV Dodi Princess, the cruise vessel on the Volta Lake was yesterday (Republic Day) turned into a carnival of fun and excitement when revellers including members of the Greater Accra Region Prison Ladies Association (PRILAS) rocked the vessel to celebrate Republic Day

The carnival on board the trip on the 19-year old vessel was created by Kings Anchor Band, the official band for the vessel which dished out songs from Kojo Antwi’s Densu to Nana Borro’s ‘Aha Yede.’ In fact no music genre known to Ghanaians was sparred.

Call it a floating jamboree and you would not be far from right. The passengers jumped, twisted and wriggled with dexterity as the band dished out tune after tune, the entertainment-starved officers could not resist the temptation of joining other passengers on board to dance the holiday away.

As the band sang on unabated, the entertainment-starved prison officers could not resist the temptation of joining other passengers on board to dance the holiday away.

The  three-deck ferry provided breath-taking  sights of patches of mountains covered with green scenery that seemed unending.

 On the Island itself, the locals welcome party was a festival of Agbadza, adowa and Kpalongo ensembles.

Groups of young and old people performed the different ensembles to the admiration of the holiday makers.

Speaking to the Daily Graphic, the President of the PRILAS  who also double as the Director of Prisons, Mrs Caroline Kumassey said the trip was a way of helping the officers to release stress.

“Our type of work does not allow us to have the kind of social life others have, so the public holidays provide the opportunity to have fun while relaxing.” She stated.

 Anna Asare a student of the University of Ghana who was on the Island for the first time said there was the need to provide other incentives on the Island to make it more attractive to holiday.

“The only excitement is on the Dodi Princess, there is nothing here apart from a few trees and rocks. It would be great if the tourism ministry brings something innovative to be an incentive for tourist who visit here” She stated.

Michael Danso, a reveller who came from Kumasi said with a grin “I would not mind spending a month on this ferry, it is fascinating.”


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