Wonders of Konkon wonderland

A land of pristine natural beauty and spectacular scenery, a dream tourist destination, a terrain that echoes serenity and quietness, aptly describes the imagery of an eco-tourism center tucked in the heart of Ewutu-Senya District in the Central Region.

 Lush green canopy of citrus trees —oranges and lemons—give spectacular ambiance to the facility isolated from the hustle and bustle of daily life in our cities.

 Verdant grasslands, marvelous mountains and tranquil valleys and mountains make Konkon Wonderland, a cool place to avoid the heat, while enjoying nature’s simplicity.

Located about four kilometres off the Kasoa-Bawjiase road, the centre established in 2010 is an antidote to stress-filled sedentary life.

Konkon Wonderland is a unique Farm Resort established within a 400 acre farm fields is located in the picturesque village of Konkon in rural Ghana, near Awutu Bawjiase in the Central Region.

Whether it is a drive or walk on the dusty road, there are waves of colourful blossoms in the relaxed, rural -paced environment that gives a sense of stillness before one arrives at the mini paradise guarded by a crocodiles in a huge pond at the entrance.

When people picture ideal tourists’ hideouts it is typically the magnificent architecture, the museums bursting with paintings and sculptures or worn cobbled streets glowing as the sun goes down.

Although Konkon Wonderland also has its share of man-made beauty,  it is also worth taking the time to explore the glorious natural beauty that covers the land—the gardens.

Parks and gardens are a great treat for tourists who want to experience the man-made while also getting a breath of fresh air and enjoying nature. Wonderland does not lack landscape sanctuary. There is enough to refresh your batteries.

For city dwellers, it is often hard to get away into the rural side of Ghana to indulge in all that it offers fresh, unless there is a funeral, family emergency and other social gathering. But given Wonderland’s location—just about an hour’s drive from Accra, it is an ideal hideout to relax and re-energise.
The great outdoors and big-city culture come together seamlessly and melt into a quite serene environment worth spending the weekend.  In Konkon Wonderland, you’re in a valley, cocooned by panoramic views mountains and landscapes that are beautifully photogenic.

The location and the environment are unique selling points Nii Ashie II, the General Manager of the farm, could not resist boasting about.

“Apart the serenity, and the greenery that is so captivating, we’re in a location that is unique. We’re in a middle of three regions—Central, Eastern and Greater Accra Regions,” he said.

The serenity at the Wonderland reflects in the zoo with animals caged in a serene environment. The immediate environs are slice of Africa of old and have a tinge of stillness running through it.   With telecommunication suffering epileptic seizures, you’re guaranteed a good dose of relaxation, one that is devoid of the phone constantly ringing.

If the landscape is thrilling, the zoo offers a close contact with the tamed and untamed.  

The Zoo
Cuddle a geese, hand-feed monkeys (with permission of a guide), watch a crocodiles stretch from the water's edge and watch the rather long-necked and long- legged ostrich race around it big space.
The wonderland Zoo puts two experiences on your table-- wildlife adventure and education.

Imagine a huge python coiled in a cage, how about Sudanese tortoises crawling in a cage, picture two agile monkeys scratching each others back.

One watches all these animals while walking under the canopy of trees with a glass of fresh orange, lemon or pineapple juice in hand.

Click click click, the birds chirped took before my camera’s lens could snap. Nature is never an old subject when it comes to photography, and in if you are an avid bird watcher, the wonderland is a fertile terrain to put your binoculars and camera lens to good use.

Apart from the zoo animals, you might be lucky to see roaming peacock or peahen with its extravagant eye-spotted tail.

Food from the garden
Konkon Wonderland is home to healthy living. Food in this part of the world is always a highlight. Whether it’s your finger-licking local dishes or a bite on continental dishes, it is your request to make. The most interesting part of it is that the garden a stone throw away from the restaurant grows all the vegetables needed in the kitchen organically.

Just a stone throw away from the facility, there is a pineapple farm where you (if you wish) can pick your choicest pineapple for snacks or natural fruit juice.

 There is no such thing is a designated breakfast, lunch or dinner time, you order at your own pace. No need losing sleep for a plate of breakfast when in fact you’ll want to stay in bed for a little longer in one of the 35-bed rooms of the hotel.

“We want you feel like you’re home, no need rushing you to meals. Ours is to provide the environment for you to relax and enjoy yourself,” the General Manager said.

Spa and gym
Apart from the sumptuous meals, there is an open-air gym to help you drop calories. For those who want to be pampered to another level, there is a spa service available at request.

Other projects
What the wonderland lacks in sophistication, it makes up for in natural beauty and charm. But Nii Ashie said the face of the facility would continue to change as it sought strategic investors to increase its offer.

In the future, we’ll like to operate the zoo on 50 acres.  We are trying to construct a football pitch to meet the needs of football clubs that regularly patronise the facility.  Then there is also a tennis court construction under way.

“We are going to link up with the international football federation  so that could use this place as a tournament ground for children, Davis cup and other such tournaments in Ghana when it is completed.


It is a widely acknowledged fact that Ghanaians don’t go on holidays to distress, mainly as a result of the financial burden that it comes with. To encourage local tourism and also encourage holidaying among Ghanaians, Nii Ashie said the company had a packages that allow  people to pay for their holidays at the Wonderland in installment until the time they are ready to take their leave.

“We want to make it easy for people to spend time here without realising that they are paying for it. All they have to do is to pay in installments monthly,” he explained.

What else you can do at Konkon Wonderland

The Wonderland serves as a perfect location for weekend getaways, picnics, meditation, training programs, parties, wedding receptions, retreat, and seminars. It offers a perfect place for a quite hideaway or an emerging getaway. It is a place to relax rest, rediscover, recharge, revitalize, rejoice and rejuvenate your body and mind.

The Wonderland is not the type place of place that boasts sophistication, but it exudes the kind of tranquility that can give you peace of mind. It is arguably the best place to be in Ghana to look at the sunset


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