Two leaders of Ho demonstrators collapse

It was a protest that failed before it even started but to add to the drama, two leaders of a group of Ho residents demonstrating against the government, for the deteriorating roads in the municipality, have collapsed.
Reports indicate that the two men have been rushed to the Ho Regional Hospital. 

A handful of Ho residents in the Volta region, Thursday called the bluff of the Volta regional Minister, Madam Helen Notoso as they protested over the poor road networks in the municipality.

According to the aggrieved residents say they are tired of government’s failure to fix the bad roads in the area. 

A placard carried by one of the protestors comically read “President Mahama, don’t take 2016 for granted, else (or) else, your World Bank would turn into Microfinance company. We love you so take action against the nation sabouters”
One of the protest leaders  being sent to the hospital

Another one read “Are Voltarians only voters? Then change our name to Voter Region.”

The protestors ignored warnings from the Police and the regional minister not to demonstrate without police protection.

The poor turnout did notwithstanding, the protestors from presenting a petition to the president through the regional minister.

Two of the leaders of the demonstrators who were 12 in number collapsed after the petition was presented and were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

They warned the governing NDC they are likely to lose more votes in the region in the upcoming 2016 elections if the government does not pay attention to their needs.


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