Spiritualist Describes TB Joshua As Alarmist

A spiritual scientist, Torgbui Amuzu, has dismissed the prophecy by Nigerian Pastor, Prophet T.B. Joshua, concerning ‘foreign terrorist attacks’ on Ghana and described it as falsehood intended to create fear and panic.
“Ghana is not going to experience any terrorist attack. It is a false alarm. Ghanaians should ignore any alarm from any quarters,” he told the Daily Graphic when he visited the offices of the newspaper.
“I have also entered the spiritual realm and from what I saw, nothing will happen here. Countries that like violence and war attract spirits of violence but peaceful and prayerful countries don’t attract such spirits. We are very peaceful and have no violent mindsets,” he added.
To confirm his claim, he pulled out two black slates, prayed over them and some words appeared on one of them that read, “Nothing will happen in Ghana. Ghanaians should not panic” he said.
T.B. Joshua’s prophecy
Prophet Joshua said he had received a prophecy from God that there was a planned ‘foreign attack’ on Ghana and Nigeria.
He therefore asked members of his church to pray against the planned attacks.
The prophet even specified the days on which the attackers would strike, saying the attacks would take place at where people were gathered.
“I am seeing Thursday, Friday and Saturday — if I may say, Thursday — because these evil people are very funny. Anything can just happen. You will be very shocked to see what will happen, because when the prayer is going in this direction they [attackers] change to another direction,” hw stated.
Violent spirits attract violence
But the spiritualist from Keta said there was no truth in the prophecy.
“No one should be in their country and be predicting doom that they have seen a vision of attacks. It is not true. God is protecting this country. This is a holy land and there will be no drop of blood from terrorist attacks,” he said.
Asked whether countries such as Belgium, France and Burkina Faso that recently experienced terror attacks were violent and war-like hence the attacks on them, he said he was not in such countries to know what was happening, but he was concerned about Ghana.
The Daily Graphic also pointed out leaked intelligence report that suggested that the country was on the radar of the terrorists, but he insisted that the slates were clean for the country in the spiritual realm.
“If people have such evil minds about Ghana, they will be diverted and they may end up elsewhere. Ghanaians are peace-loving and hardworking and don’t deserve any terrorist attack. They should concentrate on their work. Wherever you find yourself, concentrate on the work for mother Ghana,” he added.
He said those prophesying were rather disrupting the peace in the country and causing fear and panic.
Peaceful elections
In an election year when there are concerns about crowds being attacked during rallies and political campaigns, Torgbui Amuzu said “there are spiritualists and pastors in Ghana. It won’t happen. Let us pray, work hard, go to the elections and elect people to lead us”.
Asked whether statements like what he was making would not result in the security services relaxing instead of being vigilant, he shook his head and said, “nothing will happen”
While stating that the November polls would be peaceful, he also called on the leadership of the country to continue to work hard to move the country forward.
Torgbui Amuzu appealed to the youth to desist from vices such as the use of hard drugs and crime that had the tendency to destroy their lives and concentrate on things that would promote the country’s development.
“This country is well-endowed. If we take very good care of it, generations unborn would come and enjoy, but if we don’t manage it well, we will leave our children with nothing,” he added


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