It's tough, it's Hilux (May 2, 2016)

Almost 50 years after it took over the roads of the world, it has not shown any sign of losing its spot as a tough pickup, ready to tame roads of any condition. 

Described by a Japanese automaker as a 'tough pickup truck', the eighth-generation Hilux blends the 48-year-old brand’s ruggedness with the description as a comfortable and easy-to-drive vehicle.

Call it sleek, rugged and muscled and your description will be apt, but beyond the masculine features, the eighth-generation Toyota Hilux is about three things—toughness, safety and comfort.

When Toyota Ghana launched the eighth generation of the Hilux at a glitzy event last Thursday, it was obvious that the Japanese automaker decided to get bolder and tougher features, which the Managing Director of the company, Mr Tetsuya Suematsu, used as its selling points.
“The Hilux over the years has been one of our highest selling models. In fact, among the pickup range on our Ghanaian market, the Hilux has been the first choice of most users who are conscious about performance, durability and reliability,” he said.

According to Toyota, the all-new 2016 Hilux was not only built to be tough on all terrain, but was also made to be more passenger-focused.

 With this in mind, the company set out to test the eight-generation pickup under the harshest of conditions, along with valuable inputs gathered from Hilux customers across the world.
The Hilux has transformed from being a mere carrier of goods to one that also functions as a passenger car.

The Hilux makers took the car to the drawing board and came back with an impressive makeover - the  2016 Hilux has a sleeker yet more muscular appearance which conforms to the brand's current design values.

With its curved headlamps, circular foglamps and stylish grille, the Hilux appears stylish and powerful. A powerful and clean rear design is realised by eliminating excess.

The redesign has not been just the curves, lines and accessories, the Sales and Marketing Manager, Mr Andrew Lamptey, observed that “a newly developed frame structure, with unprecedented improved rigidity demonstrates exceptional durability performance in extreme environments.”

“Even in severe conditions, superior anti-corrosion performance ensures a long-lasting body,” he added.

Pickups thrive on cargo space and in the Hilux, that space has been structured to ensure any kind of cargo can be transported.

To prevent the scratches in the bucket that is associated with trucks, the cargo space has been lined with plastic.


The Hilux is spacious and very roomy. The seats have been redesigned to make them easily adjustable and flexible.

The fit and finish have been kept simple on an instrument panel that is elegantly designed.
High-tensile-strength steel sheets and supplementary materials have been widely used throughout the body structure to help reduce passenger injuries.

“When a collision occurs, impact energy is absorbed and effectively distributed,” Mr Lamptey said.
Given the terrain the Hilux travels, its suspension has also been reinforced to soak in the vibrations borne from driving on rough and bumpy terrains.

The rear suspension has also been tuned to ensure less fatigue over long distances as well as a high level of handling stability.

The Hilux comes with three years warranty and 100,000 kilometres, whichever comes first.


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