CPP pledges to increase cocoa-producer price

The Convention Peoples Party (CPP) has ended its two-day campaign in the Western Region pledging to increase the current cocoa-producer price by 10-15 per cent in the next cocoa season if it receives the nod.
The Presidential candidate of the party, Mr Ivor Kobina Greenstreet, described the current price of the country’s number produce for the export market as paltry and one that could not reward the hard work of farmers.
The government has increased the producer price of cocoa from GH¢5,520 per tonne to GH¢6,720 per tonne.
This means that every 64 kilogramme bag of cocoa beans will attract GH¢420, representing 73 per cent of the net free-on-board (FOB) price.
But Mr Greenstreet who spoke at mini rallies in Bia East and Bia West said the current price needed upgrade to ensure that it motivates farmers and prevent smuggling.
According to him, cocoa farmers had kept the country’s economy running for decades and deserved to be rewarded for continuing to produce a crop that was of significance importance to the economy.
The CPP candidate who had toured 12 constituencies in the region—mainly mining and cocoa producing communities in the region—also took issues with the bad nature of some of the roads.
He also pledged more investment in extension services which he said had been run down while also ensuring the prompt payment of farmers through an advanced software system.
“For a cocoa producing community, you deserve better. You can’t continue to allow the National Democratic Congress and the NPP to take you for granted.”
He is on the campaign trail with the National First Vice-Chairperson of the party, Hajia Handatu Ibrahim; the National Organiser, Mr Emmanuel Ogborjor, the National Campaign Coordinator, Mr Rashid Alao and the party’s Regional Secretary

Sefwi Debiso
At Sefwi Debiso in the Amenfi West Constituency, he told enthusiastic supporters of the party that the fact that the NDC and the NPP had not come to the town pointed out the seriousness they attached to the needs of the people.
He claimed the constituency had the largest number of schools under trees, an infrastructure gap that he said he would clear.
Mr Greenstreet said another vote by the constituents in the upcoming elections for either the NDC or the NPP state would be waste votes.
He reminded them of the legacy of Dr Nkrumah who he observed “had something far better than the country’s other leaders. He was not interested in cars, houses and hotels that is why he remains in the hearts and minds of people till today.”
At Sefwi Adabokrom in the Bia West Constituency, the crowd gave the police hectic time as they surrounded vehicle of the CPP candidate, pushing and shoving off those who refuse to give way for the candidate to get out of the vehicle.

At the rally which had various interest groups, including the disability fraternity, Mr Greenstreet promised that the life of people with disability would not be the same under his administration as his government has put measures in place for free education from kindergarten to tertiary level, free health care as well as progressively free transport for all PWDs.
Hajia Hamdatu took swipes at the government for deliberately waiting for an election year to construct roads which she said was being done in “tots” a term used for working slowly and in batches.
“It has been 24 years of both the NDC and the NPP. But this year, you have to give us the opportunity. You cannot judge us, if you have not tested us. You know our history. We will uproot Mahama like cassava and retire Nana Akufo-Addo, ”she told the excited crowd at the two rallies.
As had become her task at the various gatherings, she said Mr Greenstreet was more than capable of leading the country as he was not born in a wheelchair but had been a competent lawyer and a General Secretary who administered the affairs of  the party for eight years.
Earlier, the campaign team worshipped at the Sefwi Wiawso Methodist Church and also met the disability community at Sefwi Wiawso where Hajia Hamdatu said the NDC particularly the first lady, Mrs Lordina Mahama, was now sharing wheelchairs to the physically challenged in an election.
The campaign team is now in Berekum in the Brong Ahafo Region for two days before heading up north.
The CPP is contesting 22 seats out of the 26 seats in the Western Region. The party’s total votes in the Western Region during the 2012 elections was 3, 757 votes.


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