CPP to make education free for physically challenged(Nov 14, 2016)

A Convention People’s Party (CPP) government will make education from kindergarten to the university free and accessible to people with disability (PWDs), the presidential candidate of the party, Mr Ivor Kobina Greenstreet, has said.
It will also enact a law that makes it mandatory for both public and private sector employers to have at least five per cent of their workforce to be PWDs.

The victim of a road accident that has confined him to a wheelchair, he told party supporters at a mini rally in the Aowin Constituency in Enchi that the CPP would make health care free as well as transport for PWDs progressively free.
The mini rally which had scores of physically challenged people, who waited for more than five hours to meet the CPP presidential candidate, Mr Greenstreet, who acknowledge their frustrations and pains inspired them and said: “Things are about to get better because come December 2016, one of your own is about to go to the Flagstaff House in Accra. And we shall be there for all Ghanaians and build Ghana as it is supposed to be the land of hope, justice, freedom, development and opportunity.”

Increasing disability fund
He also promised to increase the disability common fund allocation from its current two per cent to five per cent.

Seeking to make a strong case for his election, he recalled that one of the greatest presidents of the United State of America—Franklin D. Roosevelt— was someone who used a wheelchair because of polio but was elected four times.

“He was a leader not at the time of peace but war. In Ghana, we are at war. War against injustice, war against poverty, unemployment and war against not having the basic things we need to make life comfortable.”
Turning attention to the Enchi Township, he lamented the epileptic nature of communication signals and stated that the CPP would put an improvement of telephony service on top of its agenda.

He also promised to rehabilitate the deplorable education infrastructure in the town which, he said, had been neglected by the governments of the NDC now and the NPP in the past.
He charged the party supporters in the constituency to be in the front line of the campaign and carry the party’s Apamfoforo message of change and opportunity to their families and friends.
“The NDC and the NPP are the same. For the last 24 years, we have had to endure them. The CPP knows better the needs of Ghanaians, the reason it is called the peoples party. Our fundamental believe is social justice and economic injustice is the woes of this country. God has bequeathed to us oil, gold, cocoa, timber, bauxite, manganese, fertile lands and access to water. All have to be utilised for the benefit of our people,” said Mr Greenstreet.
Although the CPP campaign team reached the town around 7 p.m., three hours later than expected because of other events on its campaign trail in the region, a huge crowd, accompanied by brass band gathered at the boundaries of the constituency to usher in the CPP presidential candidate.
They defied the darkness that enveloped the community centre, while waiting and when the convoy reached the grounds with campaign song blaring at high decibels, the whole place went agog.
Excitement spread through the crowd when Mr Greenstreet got down from his car in the wheelchair, and made his way to greet the chiefs and those in the crowd. Hands went thrust in his face to be shaken.
The screams of “King Solomon, Ibi Green oooooo, total support,” went a notch higher as Mr Greenstreet introduced the parliamentary candidate, Mr Solomon.
Collect gifts & vote
The National Organiser of the CPP, Mr Emmanuel Ogborjor, told the electorate to collect monies allegedly being shared by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) but vote against them.
“It is your own money. Monies that come from your taxes. It is their responsibility to use those funds to provide development projects but they have hidden the money and are now sharing it to win votes. If they bring it, collect it but vote against them,” he said at Aowin Constituency in Enchi on the party’s first day of campaigning in the Western Region on Friday.
He also accused the NDC and the NPP of being parties of the same character as they had govern the country for 16 years and eight years respectively, but had failed woefully to address the needs of Ghanaians.
No fears
He allayed the fears of the crowd who were said to have gathered as early as 2 p.m. to receive the CPP flag bearer who arrived at 7 p.m., he was in a wheelchair and could, therefore, not perform.


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