Kokrobite to witness biggest beach carnival this Easter (Monday, April 3, 2017)

IT'S 10 a.m., the waves rise and pound the shore. The sun beats down, releasing heat only mellowed by the cool breeze. A bird lands on a coconut tree. Another bird lands on the shore, picking through the sand to fill its belly.
A group of bare-chested young people are in the ocean, dodging waves and throwing a ball around. The scene is quiet and serene. This is the Kusum Beach at Kokrobite in Accra.

Kokrobite is a small, lively fishing village about 25 km west of Accra and blessed with beaches, some of which are unassuming with a shore you can wander on and explore nearby wetlands. It is also rocky and a great place to sit and watch waves pound cliffs and shores. Partly covered in vegetation, its steep, rocky cliffs form a backdrop to clear waters that  offer great spots to bond with nature. 

However, all these scenes are set to evolve from something more than just a beach to visit this Easter as  arguably the country’s biggest  beach carnival will come alive at the four beaches in the area.
The Kusum, Mikenzy, Asase Yaa and Kokrobite beach resorts are set to be venues for the week-long event, promising an assortment of indulgences,  including a concert to be headlined by Dancehall sensation Stonebwoy.
Organisers of the event, Music and Creativity International, say the area’s first-ever Easter Beach Carnival will have lots of fun and entertainment activities for tourists, as well as locals.
colourful display

Starting from Good Friday, the environs of the four beaches will  open a colourful show of splendour with a cultural display.
Revellers who want to have a bite of the country’s cuisines and enjoy the serenity of Kokrobite will have a lot in food, music and  water sports to indulge in.

A food fest and exhibition of everything from artwork, electronics, home-appliances, gift items, food and catering equipment, bathroom displays, carpets, furniture, healthcare products, fashion accessories, perfumes, cosmetics will be on display.

While Kokrobite is largely a low lying area, a mountain in the area—Langba—provides a breath-taking panoramic view of parts of the Kokrobite landscape and parts of Accra.

However, the steps to the mountain could help you shed a few kilogrammes.  One needs to climb almost 300 steps to make it to the top where the organisers say would be one of the activities to look out for on the first day.

As the stars battle the moon in the sky in the night, locals and tourists will gather for a candle light procession and a reggae jam in the evening.

“We also want to rebrand Kokrobite to become one of the most sought after tourist sites in the country. Unfortunately, although the town is blessed with a lot of beautiful scenes, little has been done to promote it,” a co-Founder of Music and Creative International, Tony Nii Nixon, told the Daily Graphic.

He is of the view that the event will revive the town and make it livelier for both tourists and the inhabitants.

Throwing more light on the event, Mr Nixon said it would be held in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts and would focus on highlighting the beautiful scenes of Kokrobite and its surrounding communities.

“The entire Kokrobite town will be branded for the entire four-day event. There will be site visits to all the amazing places, with each day focusing on a particular event,” he said.

Breaking the event down, Mr Nixon said  the first and second days of the carnival would focus on taking tourists to all the  amazing sites of Kokrobite, including the Langba mountain.
There will also be a cultural festival to welcome all tourists to the town.

On Sunday, there will be an opportunity for a number of sporting events for the communities in Kokrobite and individuals to show their canoe paddling prowess.

In the night, crowd-pulling dancehall sensation and former VGMA Artiste of the Year, Stonebwoy, will headline a concert. Also on the bill will be hiplife artists, including Wisa and Medikal.


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