Maaha Resort: paradise away from home

By Seth Bokpe
A sublime blend of traditional Nzema architecture into alluring scenery provided by the Atlantic Ocean and the vast ecological landscape of lush-green grass and swaying coconut trees. 

A manicured stretch of breezy clean beach lined with rows of comfortable sunbeds and swinging loungers. 
Canoes filled with flowers of medley of colours. Well lit-paths, cobbled with wooden panels and pavement blocks leading to exquisite restaurants spa, gym, pools and bars.
These picturesque images are the deep, charming and indulging descriptions of Maaha Beach Resort tucked in the heart of (Anokyi, near Atuabo, in the Ellembele District) the Western Region. 
Sitting on a stunning 20-acre land, Maaha serenades calm and tranquility—a perfect place to relax and soak in the fresh breeze while burying stress and watching the sun goes down the horizon.
The jaw-dropping and breath-taking resort is named after what is locally known among the Nzemas as the Maaha tree, and thatched with such finesse to obviously tame the rusting unleashed by the sea breeze, but oozes charm and authenticity.

The extra o
Designed from scratch by its Chief Executive, Mr Frank Buah and built by local artisans, using indigenous building materials that unique to the area, Maaha sums up the rich architectural history, fishing heritage and resilience of its location.
“I have always had something in mind about the use of the Maaha tree. It is what I grow up with. I have slept in buildings made from it. I was born and bred here and realised that concrete does not work here. All the concrete houses that I saw during childhood are all gone. Even the iron rods are also gone but the Maaha house I was born in is still standing.
“Tourists from the US, India, Europe and other places have seen all there is with brick and mortar buildings. They want to see something different. That is the Maaha. None of the materials for the construction crossed the Ankobrah River, ” he said.
The end product is a facility that leaves you drawling over the incredible ambience of a traditional African setting that offers contemporary hospitality.
In trying to keep the terrain as natural as possible, very few coconut trees were sacrificed thereby leaving the facility nestled among coconut trees that even makes the setting more tranquil.

Experienced hands
Although only eight-months old in the hospitality industry, the 138-room hotel is already a big attraction to the deep-pockets of the oil and gas industry. It management said at all times, at least 70 per cent of the rooms are booked or occupied.
Beautifully run by a spirited team of veteran hands in the hotel industry both local and international from countries including Ghana, France, Italy and Philippines, its services are refined with friendly staff and immaculate service.
 With such hands involved, pampering of guest starts right from the reception and just the beginning of many wooow moments.
Guests, particularly couples won’t lack for activities at this indulging all-inclusive destination, thanks to beautiful pools, an excellent spa and fitness centre, tennis court, children playground with bouncy castles, bars and two dining spots, including a beachfront restaurant.

 Venues for dinner and barbecue would leave you lost between filling the tummy or just soak in the ambience provided by the poolside or a restaurant that overlooks the sea while being crooned to live band music.
The food and beverage is one of a kind and my abhorrence of liver was cured with a grilled one that me salivating for more.

Beyond its breezy courtyard there is a place to relax and release all the bundle of  stress —the spa—it offers massage, foot spa, hydrogen therapy, body waxing and jaccuzis.
Its Manager, Mrs Patience Johnstone, said the resort’s spa was more hospital to distress and have the body and mind soothed.
I put that to test with a body massage that left my back as light as helium balloon, after she kneaded it, picking out my spine and gently rubbing out a pile of stress.

Sports junkies
There a place for everyone from the sports junkies afraid of leaving behind a regimented gymmng habit, to a fully-stocked gym, a tennis court, beach volley, five-aside beach football to persons who want to recline in front of the ocean while watching the waves pound the ocean.

Movie buffs are not left out of the roll call. The resorts operates a 27-seater theatre with seats as soft as feather is part of complimentary service that gives guests the power to decide what they want to watch.
Beach lovers would fall in love with balconies of rooms overlooking the ocean or simply fall in asleep with the serenading lullabies of the ocean or be waked up by it.

Presidential suites
A six-room presidential suites with its private bar and pool and gardens raises the bar of indulgence. There are also two conference facilities with spaces for 50-100 guests and maximum 400 people respectively.
The Maaha Beach Resort is not your typical walk-in hotel. Clients are expected to make reservations ahead of their visit.
The experience at the resort is summed up in the words of the Front Desk Manager, Ms Gervine, “
The service, our architecture makes stand out and special but beyond that we want you to leave here so pampered and spoilt that you wouldn’t want to go back home because Maaha is a package of experiences that we peel one at a time.”


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